Coffee Huller's

CAPE Australia sells a variety of coffee processing equipment to cater for all stages of processing coffee and to suit all sizes of producers.


The hand operated coffee huller is made of caste so it is very durable It is fully adjustable so that you don’t break any beans provided the coffee is fully dried.

Electric Huller

This Australian made huller has a capacity of up to 100 kg per hour, using a 2 hp single phase direct drive electric motor for increased reliablity and performance. It has separate outlets for beans (with adjustable pressure) and husk.

Sugarcane Juice Maker

All caste, hand operated makes 30 Litres of juice per hour.
Sugar Cane Juicer

Huller And Grader

CAPACITY 60-90* Kgs./Hour

The coffee hulling and grading unit is of great use to the small and medium size coffee industry. It allows you to technically process, easily and economically, small and medium volumes of coffee, doing in just one compact equipment several processes: cleaning, hulling and size grading (monitoring).
* depends on quality of coffee and operator.

NOTE: hullers with a capacity of several tons also available


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